• Maddie

The beauty of everyday things


I hope you are well and safe. I don't know how you manage your time during the lockdown but I would be very curious to know the little things that make you happy and share about it!

We are facing a very peculiar time with this COVD-19 pandemic and our space and movement are restricted, meanwhile, our mind isn't. We sometimes forget about it because of our fears and anxiety taking control of our thoughts.

Frankly, watching the news is nothing that can really keep us concentrated in anything else than those fear. But as no one can really predict the future, it is time to feel the present and think about the past.

Past is like a storage box... so far...

I have heard and read some people started to reorganise their house, their closet, their bathroom or kitchen cupboards. Well, this is about our past: an accumulation of things we didn't have time to dedicate to anymore. And with the pandemic, we have it again. Maybe we will find out that so many things are useless, that we don't need them.

Past doesn't belong to the past

If I say to you, Hello, and we all can say Hello over the phone, this means that we have already make a step in the present.

Hello is your consciousness and Yesterday is with the air, with its rhythm. Hello is your internal rhythm, what you feel inside. And this is by working with those two rhythms that fears and anxiety will not overtaking you. I took the opportunity with the pandemic to start to read a book from Soetsu Yanagi, "The Beauty of Everyday Things". Like many of us, I couldn't find time for some reading. And what a remarkable book so far, what a strange idea to think what was I doing with my time before to not being able to prioritise this reading? Now I want to share with you an excerpt from it:

It is these ugly things that surround us throughout the day, from morning to night - the clothing we wear, the utensils we eat from, the furniture we make use of. Without our realizing it, these unattractive objects have had an enormous impact on our sensitivity to beauty.

This time of the pandemic will surely take everyone to think about nature together with the specific and personal environment: our house, our flat, our room. It can help us to think about what we will want to be part of our future past. This is the only aspect of the future that is not undefined, nor blurry and where we can work on. We can avoid feeling bad at home, or on our planet by accepting the relation we constantly and undeniably have with the past. And taking care of it. The rhythm in the air goes towards the surface of the sea, of the trees, of the ground, in our lungs, in other's lungs. It will go around the planet and come back to us. Different, as time will pass but here around us. We inhale, we exhale, we move this air. This is why our more simple acts, our most little act make a difference. We are now experimenting it with the coronavirus. Simple acts are done by everyone. From each one consciousness. And all this goes back to us, as we can still say Hello.

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