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Pattern recognition and laziness

Who has never been lazy may cast the first stone.

When we become lazy, we normally use some excuses to reschedule what we have to do. "Let's just watch the TV or the news of social media for 5 min then I'll start to do this task that doesn't attract me at all." We put pleasure and quick satisfaction first, to avoid the effort. An effort or a concentration? If I only answer effort, I will sound like a priest or my mother, who by the way had an interesting relationship with the concentration...

Plaid Valentino men blazer worn oversized with plaid cut top Maison Margiela

and Louvreuse pyramid Cléo bag.

I remember finding a lot of papers around the kitchen, the phone place - and later the computer - with geometrics shapes in corners. Bits here and there. Then I saw her doing it. She was then on the phone or thinking about something. Psychologists have argued that it was a way to keep concentrated, connected with reality. How this last bit sounds like nowadays? "Connected with reality." Are we connected with reality when we watch social media or the TV the same as when we keep drawing repetitive shapes? It was quite hypnotic to watch my mum doing those draws. Filling spaces, one form that will grow from another. I would then forget about what was around and trying to figure out what was happening on the paper. And at some point, she was stopping and it would create a draw.

Geometric forms attract a lot of attention. It is a way to shape the vision, to border it, to stop it, to drive it from a point to another. I remember that Yves Saint Laurent was using the printed black line to shape the bodies into his iconic Mondrian dress. (original version here) It is known that in the fashion industry, most of the patterns are licenced, but stipes, dots, plaid (apart from Burberry's plaid) that belong to the public domain.

And those are the very classical we always enjoy to wear, one way or another.

Plaid is more likely found during winter while polka dots are more a summer pattern. Could one say that those repetitive patterns are a form of the laziness of the Fashion industry, a way to ensure a good sale? Or is it a designer fascination shared with the other humans like a common language?


Plaid coat , organic wool, FW19 - paired with denim organic cotton jacket by Colmillo de Morsa and Céline bag

Plaid coat , organic wool, FW19 - paired with Max&Co jeans, Céline bag and Jil Sander Navy boots

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