Non-seasonal wardrobe as a sustainable choice.

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Who didn't end up upset, after Mommy saying "NO" on wearing this amazing beloved summer outfit on winter, cast the first stone. Time has past but Mum, you still have to admit this wasn't right...

I have just started this February Fashion Week with the opportunity to attend some shows at Barcelona 080 Fashion Week, where Pablo Erroz presented for the second-time a non-seasonal collection.

Having watched all pictures of the runway from Copenhagen to Paris, I realized that many designers were playing with clothes from various seasons, while still accepting the Fall-Winter term.

Considering our clothes as non-seasonal can empower ourself on managing our wardrobe, that has in fact more potential than what we once could think... But it also gave us the opportunity to combine our imagination with our personality.

Here are my personal digital-hand-cropped and hand-picked styles from runway shows, in order to help on building up our wardrobe in a sustainable way... and why:

Shirt as jacket

Let's start with the designer who has inspired me this article, Pablo Erroz. I believe it was a good starting point for a non-seasonal collection to have some pieces in black.

Converting o shirt sleeves shirt towards a jacket, playing with the nude color, shine and thickness of materials is a very interesting way to play with clothes, layers and functionality of classical items. It is to me the most non-seasonal statement from this collection. It is also a nice tip for both men and women's wardrobe.

Sport chic

You can combine your silky trouser or shiny jogging pants with a cardi-coat as seen Giorgio Armani runway show of his new collection for Fall-Winter 2020 2021.

By choosing a classic shape with slightly padded shoulders, Armani brought to this easy-wear a touch of feminity. This versatile look will allow you to combine pieces in your wardrobe that you were maybe not thinking to wear together.

Tip 1: As for Pablo Erroz combination, make sure you balance mat and shiny materials and their weight. In this example the cardi-coat remains mat and thicker, with a furry aspect that contrasts even more with the silky trouser.

Tip 2: If you look tired the day you want to wear this outfit, I would suggest a non-furry cardi-coat and go for a smooth aspect one.

From top to bottom, left to right: 1 Giorgio Armani, 2 Nina Ricci, 3 & 4 Atlein

credits Vogue España

An another option that is quite inspiring, is to mix a fringe skirt with an oversize top such as a jumper.

From left to right: 1 Christian Wijnants, 2 Arutiunova

credits Vogue España

Body up

Body positive is a central question. Here could be an interpretation, starting with the word and its referent in fashion vocabulary. Wear your body as a top layer and don't close it. By being open, it will connect with the more loose aspect you are wearing underneath...

Tip: the more you wear loose clothes under, the more it will look part of your outfit.

From left to right: 1 David Koma, 2 Charlotte Knowles, 3 Burberry, 4 Finch

credits Vogue España


This is a very poetic way to dress up I have found. Robbing your boyfriend clothes and make it yours with one of our very versatile transparent skirts that you might not wear much because sometimes they are hard to combine...

From top to bottom, left to right: 1 Antonio Marras, 2&3 Prada, 4 Nina Ricci, 5 Alexander McQueen, 6 Baum und Pferdgarten, 7 Rokh, 8 Akris, 9 Sacai

credits Vogue España

Sleeping Beauty

To close this article, let's go back to the introduction and this experience we all have once faced. And now if we look at those two ways of combining the sleep dress (on the left), we will finally be able to use them outside Summertime. We already saw frozen princesses layering it with a turtle neck but I got quite interested to discover it for the next season on the top of a shirt.

Tip: if you close the shirt totally, stay in the same palette or play with transparency: you will create the same result than with the body we saw before. But here it is about contrasting. The shirt is less loose than the dress.

The Miu Miu style is not a dress on the top of a shirt, but the trompe-l'oeil effect is very well made so I decided to use it for this example.

From left to right: 1 Gucci, 2 Brognano, 3 Miu Miu

credits Vogue España

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