Man Repeller is "clothed"

As you already know, Man Repeller or "Repeller" website "is no longer being updated". The recent called-out of racism has fired Leandra Medine from her own business, Man Repeller. The famous blogger has been accused to favor skinny white women in her team, meanwhile calling for a "man repeller" fashion. Leandra Medine has attracted a huge community of readers towards her blog, soon converted to a brand. Her secret? Humoristic tone and unconventional outfits, making popular again the ugly sandals, or unusual clothing combination.

Her way to layer clothing has empowered many women facing problems of self-confidence related to "how shall I dress up?" or "can I dress unconventionally without suffering bullying?". Women from both inside and outside the Fashion industry. "Yes, we can" was her call before Obama's campaign slogan. What differs?

Let's go back to where she origins her vision of fashion

A beloved brother who didn't feel like taking her out: this is the conflict point of her personal storytelling that changed her physical aspect.

She decided to be "so thin that he'd go into cardiac arrest". However, those thoughts drove her towards food disorders. It wasn't the first time she was facing some wonders about her body' size. Some family comments were quite focus on how she was gaining weight.

Her misconception of "taking space" drove her towards anorexia. Then she became one of the biggest bloggers in the fashion industry.

"The Wolf of Wall Street" was also a movie that influenced her. I was wondering about all those points lately, as she has decided to close definitely her platform, leaving all her team suddenly unemployed during the pandemic.


Some young fans have created @oldmanrepeller as some did for Céline brand after Phoebe Philo left. So I went to see it and started to scroll on all Leandra Medine styling pictures. I suddenly realised that with her skinny body, all clothing she was wearing would just look "big" ,when one could argue to be worn loose.

Man Repeller success was definitely telling the Fahsion Industry that there was a lake of consideration for women's feeling towards dressing-up. Was Leandra Medine too scared to speak up about plus size and left only this teenager trauma be expressed by large clothes? Was it her past vision of "place" that wouldn't allow her to consider diversity in her team and speak on what was apparently making her "uncomfortable"?

Life and recent events teach us how we should always reconsider our opinions, thoughts, habits, beliefs, traumas. Food disorder is a trauma that any public person should voice seriously.

Leandra Medine had to understand that diversity is the direction for the fashion industry to take, and she could have embraced it as she did with men's taste hegemony back at the time. Instead of building a new Trojan Horse, she failed to include more people with different backgrounds, cultures and sizes.

Size-inclusivity is still not represented in all sustainable brands yet. But the call is made and we will soon find all sizes more easily than before. Same happened with our recent call for more transparency. Sadly some brands have chosen greenwashing or showcasing what already exists in vintage shops...

Céline SS21 collection - outfits you can easily recreate by thrifting in vintage shops.

On the other hand, some magazines are working hard on mindset changes. Just as recent editorial made by Display Copy that highlited plus size model Paloma Elsesser, upcycling clothing and has only featured second-hand clothing to then drive readers towards eBay, depop,... to buy Helmut Lang, Balenciaga,...

Paloma Elsesser by Daniel Jackson for Display Copy, October 2020

Close the loop

How to reuse Man Repeller?

  • REPLAY - with her unconventionals combinations, Leandra Medine has created atemporal looks that can still inspire you. Just as in Display Copy, you can spot a look and check for the items on second-hand selling platforms.

  • RESHAPE - you can remember her idea of being comfortable in your clothes as an expression of self-confidence of your tastes and personality, and extend this idea to your body. We are made of layers, physically and mentally. You can change your mindset on how you have to look like and allow yourself to exist. Remember diet are torture. Trends were also before Man Repeller for many women.

  • REVOLUATE - be curious to experiment with clothing. Don't stick with fast fashion guidelines. (Sadly we have seen Leandra Medine promoting fast fashion brands over the years as a way for her business to earn money.) Be curious about what is recycled or natural materials and how they wake up your creativity at the same time as your well-being.

Here, a selection of some Leandra Medine's looks that are coming back to trends, starting with Fluid Trousers, Kaftan dresses, Natural beige tones and Utility Clothes.

Get the look!

Let's discover some finds related to coming trends and to Leandra Medine's style shown above. The selection is made from sustainable brands, although most of them are not size-inclusive yet, some are. Click on the image to be redirected to the item.


Being a sustainable customer is not being a dog-watcher. It is about awaking our intelligence. It is not about being suspicious but being non-passive.

Let me give you an example to conclude this article: if you are subscribed to my blog, you have then received the newsletter on conflict-free gemstones. It is logical that if a jewellery brand offers minerals to help your inner-healing and karma, they have to source them in conflict-free places.

Contradictions can no longer be a marketing or sale excuse. We are the one who can call for this change.

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