I don't spend this in clothes

Since you know we are the true trends deciders*, we are also the person who drive offers.

Have you ever heard someone or yourself saying "I don't want to spend too much money on clothes"? This has made it difficult for those people to understand slow fashion movement as well as investing in sustainable clothing. But when I get confused is when that person adds "I don't buy often clothes"... My first thought was, "Well, then why to carry on buying in fast fashion places or to unethical brands?".

The point is that a person who doesn't like to pay full price for clothing or have difficulties to find his/her own style and see what fits his/her would likely go to places honoured in magazines or by friends.

Zara, H&M, Mango, the main 3 international fast-fashion giants have built a relationship with many generations of women and men over about two decades. That's not this long if you think about on the timeline where luxury brands sit. However, by producing cheap clothing for children, classic office wear, or any party costume to go out or attend a parent's wedding, they have built a "best friend" relationship with many generations. We all know that this best friend is also hiding a no longer secret: children labour, slavery, pollution,... So this is where you shouldn't spend your money on when you buy clothes...

Managers in Zara are still behaving like 10 years ago.

Whether you want to dress according to the last trend you spotted on social media or magazine (which are not fully relevant as most of the time linked to hope retail or taste), or you just want a basic, your first thought might be to go to a fast fashion store. In either case, you are sure the price will stay in a certain range or lower quickly.

I went to Zara the other day. I didn't go there for about 10 years and was willing to see who was still going there during the pandemic. Nothing has changed. I could feel the Zara from 10 years ago... Ironically they keep changing their collections and throwing "late trends" every weeks or so. In other words, they sit at the end of the lifetime of a product.

In short, if you are a busy person who doesn't want to overspend time in finding the right clothes, nor overspending money in a year time in apparel, then by buying in fast fashion you will actually spend more money on clothing than someone who would opt for a brand that offers a more expensive starting price to an atemporal piece made of long-lasting material.

The convenience of true creative sustainable fashion is much more valuable since they don't work on an end of life product.


As fast fashion has to move forward from its way to produce, or beyond technologies such as the Green Machine last H&M investment, it is time for anyone to start to know about sustainable brands.

To give you an extra hand, I have created an online shop where you can browse items related to true trends, the one that will last, make you feel confident and allow you to connect with your values.

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