• Maddie

Circular Fashion #1

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

After Easter break, this Tuesday is like a Monday. It has been the most difficult day since last week to get out of bed. What am I gonna wear? The very common question for so many people. You watch your wardrobe and you feel like "I have nothing to wear". Mistake! You do. But you are tired, so everything you watch is a too-many-options that brain can hardly process... A back-to-reality, and you suddenly get upset with your wardrobe. Can't be bothered to make myself pretty! You know what, I want to go back to bed. Ok, let's go to the bathroom first. After a shower and a face routine, I feel a little fresher in my mind. I wish my wardrobe would be the same. Would be different. Okay, but will it really change my mind? The problem is not here. Because when you start to walk in the street you will also feel tired of your neighbourhood, people around, same old... Old. We are getting closer. During a break, time seems suspended. It's not linear no more. After the break, we feel like we are going to the past, or we realised we getting old, eventually. And our wardrobe is our first meeting with this reality. So let's not blame it, nor us. It's normal I guess to feel this way. A good option is to make spring wardrobe cleaning. A feeling of "old" or "tired" about a jumper, a dress, a blouse, can be something new to someone else! Have you heard about Circular Fashion? I will post you an interview I have found this weekend where various women are sharing their experience of buying second-hand and sell their clothes. Also on how to buy, what to choose. Then I will post the pdf this website, Vestiaire Collective, has created for us, buyer sellers. It's quite interesting. Maybe you find some tips!

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