Black Friday, Black Goat and Balloon Sleeves

As customers, we are the ones who are electing real trends. Did you know it? Thanks to slow fashion we can feel more relaxed when it comes to selection...

I know it can be hard to consider we are the trends makers since we believed it was the other way round, but let me clarify why:

We used to live in a world where the fashion industry was throwing styles, to see how we were reacting on them. It was called the HOPE RETAIL.

Now with the urge to reduce production and waste in clothing, this type of marketing has disappeared. Furthermore, the all fast fashion production model we have known will disappear too, which is the real good news!

Back to trends and to you.

This recent investigation has shown that customers experience different shades of stress suffering after buying a full-price item. Same occurs under the pressure of "only today" "70% off on limited items" "hurry up it won't last!": the reign of the impulsive purchase has left many people with a strange feeling.

The laptop or smartphone is silent again. The silent in the car. Suddenly facing the reality of having to buy under impulsion.

How comes paying RPR can make people feel guilty, anxious or with remorses?

During the recent lockdown because of COVID-19 pandemic, people have tidy up their houses. Throwing many belongings. What we use to call the spring cleaning became a "how much money have I thrown"? However, relating accumulation and impulsive purchase didn't reset us on how much cost a specific item. Paying the real price retail (RPR) for an item is still emotionally difficult for many.

The lost goat

Let's go back to this time when all drastic sales started. Sales used to be on a "twice a year" basis. With the pre-seasonal collection, came pre-sale. With holidays came holidays sales: Black Friday, then Cyber Monday.

  1. Those special sales are disturbing the market. Economically speaking, small brands or local production can not afford to bargain current collection, simply because they don't have the same benefits margins. However big companies can allow themselves to reduce drastically their prices for 4 days, due to the volume of their production, as it will not impact their benefits.

  2. Running many sales through decades has changed our mindset towards the real cost of clothing.

To help you to find your way in the NEW NORMAL and not get trapped in greenwashing, I will share with you a concrete example:


A true trend that will last!

It includes oversize or volume sleeve, turtle neck or round collar, sweater shape, boyfriend...

Colour palette offers a wide range of tones that will go from the natural colour of wool fabric up to natural earth dye.

Soft Goat, a sustainable brand fully dedicated to creating wool items, gives interesting tips on how to recognize a good quality of cashmere.

• A good test when you are going to check the quality of a cashmere garment is to hold the garment up and look at it towards the light. Then you can see if the surface is very fluffy or not. If the surface is extremely fluffy it can be an indication that the sweater is made of shorter, less resistant fibers. If the fibers begin to roll up when you run your hand over the garment also indicates that short fibers have been used to knit the sweater.
• Before the yarn is dyed into a wanted colour it has a white, beige or light brown colour. These colours do not have to be dyed as hard as darker colours like navy or black. Therefore, darker colours can sometimes feel less soft than a lighter colour.
• Check the ply* number. And look for two plies or more to gain a more durable sweater that is stronger.

*Ply indicates how many threads that are twisted in the finished yarn. Two plies mean that two threads have been twisted together to the finished yarn. This makes the garment stronger, warmer and more durable.

Here is a selection of 4 jumpers < 300€ I have made for you:

*SOFT GOAT's "yarn is OEKO-TEX® certified. This means that our products hold the standard in regards to harmful substances for textile and clothing manufacturers and have high human ecology requirements. As a customer, you can always feel safe when purchasing and wearing our products."

*FILIPPA K (rated "good" in GOOD ON YOU )"wool is renewable, recyclable, and – if not treated with chemicals – biodegradable. The structure of wool fibers enables them to trap air and absorb moisture without becoming damp. Each type of wool has unique properties, and we’ve worked with our long-term suppliers to responsibly source the best of each kind for our garments."

With the reshaping of the fashion industry and its production, we need to consider that first of all, true trends are back. In other words, true trends are not purchases made under impulsion. No more fear of missing a good deal. A good deal is what last, what fits your choices and makes you happy.

Secondly, thanks to the transparency code conduct due to climate change and recent unethical behaviours called-out by employees, we can now understand the TRUE COST of any item thanks to truly responsible brands. This will help us to understand for example why a 100% cashmere or wool jumper can not cost 100€ and last for long...

If your budget is 100€

you can alternatively browse second-hand platforms (depop, ebay, poshmark, vestiaire collective,...), or check out this jumper that has wool mixed with organic cotton:

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