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Updated: Sep 13, 2019

When I first start this blog and also on instagram, I was genuinely posting and liking and following, like any newbie. I never thought people would get interested that much to what you write bellow any caption and desktop was the right place for that. I thought Ig stories where a kind of behind the scene where you share about your everyday. Then I started to get to know new perfil of women presenting clothes. Different type of perfil in relation to sustainability, but definitely women stepping apart from a just look at me. Sharing others women post and naming them, highlighting them. Then a movement of mutual share started. Hearing about the hater of instagram, I thought about what once a university researcher said about TV (at the time it was the mayor question, how tv affect us, and now pushed a little apart since social network appeared): we never have researched on how people are actually watching TV. I understood it as a very interesting point, how do we behave toward TV programs, how is our human reception. Beside the fact of always thinking a spectator as a passive TV watcher just like the one once reduced by a TV chain owner as a "brain with reception". Well going back to Instagram, it is true that we are sometimes having the same hand position that we once had on TV remote, zapping, clicking to change channels like liking or scrolling on our phone-tv remote size like. But our head is down, and TV hasn't disappeared since instagram exist. Even though with IGTV. So I would leave this point open to anyone to think its own way or medidate about it, and meanwhile I will carry on my Instagram experience through @mad.leineblog

So I met women empowering other women. It's an "air du temps" same like sustainability. Same as any positive change that breaks a bit the rules. Where does it come from? An Instagram option. But not everyone does it. It means that we don't know how each one will "live" this application, its options, but we can tell how some people are using it. - Back to the TV purpose, it just came back to my mind that I am sure you can somehow remember how people around you where using the TV as any furniture, and would place some decorations on the top of it. Some other would move it in a corner of the room, get a transportable one to move it or have a special furniture to enclose it after watching. Here it is an interesting aspect that tell us also about domestic habits toward TV back at the time. We can not really put everybody into the same basket, into a same group, as even all those women I have seen creating empowering movements towards other women, or challenge to have fun but also to bring a purpose around serious fashion priorities, are all behaving toward instagram in a different way. And I can also tell through our enthusiasm shown on private message.

I really had the feeling thanks to some of them to be part of a non-superficial community of women, far away from clichés spread on us, excepting at the time of strong intelectual women movement or time of war when brave women were getting enhanced. We are not superwomen, and we behave in a very natural way, away from big lights, even of social network ones. Just like fireflies that made Pasolini nostalgic. I won't justify the why. Just inviting you to think about it. Imagining what it can be, because it does exist, and also outside of social network.

I dedicate this post to @corrinfashiondiary ,

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