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Alexander McQueen S/S20 a Silver ballade

Updated: Mar 11

Green, how I want you green,

green wind, green branches.

The ship out on the sea

and the horse on the mountain.

With the shadow around her waist

she dreams on her balcony,

green flesh, green hair,

with eyes of cold silver.

Green, how I want you green.

Under the gipsy moon,

the things are watching her

and she cannot see them.


Federico Garcia Lorca

Have you ever heard of moon-bleaching? Same as the sun can fade away colours, so can the moon. This planet that we can keep watching, unlike the sun, hypnotising and object of desire, has its own way of not being colonized. American flags left in the moon have been found totally blank, white. This allows me to think that poets and artists will never got taken its muse by any civilisations. Back to the moon, its bleaching power reaches the Earth and has been used by humans to give a silver tone to white. This beautiful alternative to dye a piece of fabric is the more sustainable we can ever think of. Irish women who are still using this ancestral technic have been the starting point for Sarah Burton's trip. Creative director at Alexander McQueen, she brought all her team to Ireland farms to create her S/S 20 collection.

As a result, the moon was the invisible technique of this collection. The invisible character but the main one. Just like Rebecca. It is not the first time Alexander McQueen house has created design linked to the moon. Representing it, or paying tribute to it like in Lee Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2007/2008 "In Memory of Elizabeth Howe, Salem, 1692" collection.

Moon lifts up her arms

showing — pure and sexy — 

her beaten-tin breasts

was writing Federico Garcia Lorca in his poem Ballad of the Moon Moon you can listen in my new ReCycle episode ↓

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