I think therefore I buy is the sustainable fashion blog of @mad.leineblog. You might know me from Instagram, Facebook or Youtube. I have created this desktop blog to bring you more highlights on my holistic approach to sustainability and my vision of fashion in society.

I also write about sustainable designers I have collaborated with. A little investigation that will bring you towards a sustainable world and where to shop their creations. 

If you come to visit Barcelona or if you live here, Have a look at Barcelona Etica Guide and Maps that I specially created for you.

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Mother's Day

22nd of April was Earth's day and had low mediatic coverage. Mother's Day was initially a call in 1908 by Anna Jarvis to settle a holiday in the calendar in order to celebrate mothers. She was a peace activist during the American Civil War and involved in Methodist Church back at the time. The commercial turn of this celebration upset her then she started to claim the authority of this day to keep it symbolic. She actually settled it this way: "Its (white carnation) whiteness is to symbolize the truth, purity and broad-charity of mother love; its fragrance, her memory, and her prayers. The carnation does not drop its petals but hugs them to its heart as it dies, and so, too, mothers hug thei

Spring Summer in sustainable fashion

With COVID-19, some fashion designers are still unsure about their brand's future. During the Fashion Revolution Week, it has also been discussed on whether it is sustainable to create a collection for each season. It is now a new perspective for designers to embrace their own way towards slow fashion and collaboration. The main challenges for what we call the post-pandemic, after-COVID or post-COVID is are the circular economy, production schedule, relationships with suppliers and workers, collaboration (as Mara Hoffman explained well during her panel at FASHINNOVATION NYC day 1). If you are wondering about what to grab from your wardrobe, if you need inspiration or to discover sustainable

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