I think therefore I buy is the sustainable fashion blog of @mad.leineblog. You might know me from Instagram, Facebook or Youtube. I have created this desktop blog to bring you more highlights on my holistic approach to sustainability and my vision of fashion in society.

I also write about sustainable designers I have collaborated with. A little investigation that will bring you towards a sustainable world and where to shop their creations. 

If you come to visit Barcelona or if you live here, Have a look at Barcelona Etica Guide and Maps that I specially created for you.

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Our comfort zone

Let's try to remember why so many young designers have started their own sustainable or ethical or organic brand: they found fashion boring. Better said fast-fashion as a boring and repetitive fashion. Boring in the sense of never find something that could be comfortable and at the same time with a sense of fashion. Of course, as fast-fashion is about to copy the fastest and the cheapest way possible, far from a concern on quality as we could guess. Sustainable designers added on top of a non-boring fashion the concern on respecting the planet and the health of each of us. That is what told me women's underwear fashion designer and founder of Ceu Label : underwear is important as it is "the

Personality Quiz

What to do during the Stay At Home time? We are going to be a little nostalgic of our physical freedom, but our mental one is not restricted. Let's remember a bit of us before COVID-19 and consider the after-crisis. Here is a little personality test that might guide you, or just to have some fun.

What is "Biodegradable tights"?

I have tested the Four Twenty Two Antibacterial Biodegradable tights with Aloe Vera for you... Here is the result as a conversation with Oliver Veleski, co-founder and owner of Four Twenty Two, to know a bit more about those tights, alined with my other concern on #whomademyclothes Me - Oliver, thanks a lot for accepting to send me two samples of your tights. I discovered them through social network and got very curious about this concept: biodegradable, made with aloe vera and anti-bacterial. Last month I was in a charity shop when I saw a vintage box of tights, maybe from the '80s, mentioning having aloe vera. I got surprised to see that it was not something new to use aloe vera. Could you

Non-seasonal wardrobe as a sustainable choice.

Who didn't end up upset, after Mommy saying "NO" on wearing this amazing beloved summer outfit on winter, cast the first stone. Time has past but Mum, you still have to admit this wasn't right... I have just started this February Fashion Week with the opportunity to attend some shows at Barcelona 080 Fashion Week, where Pablo Erroz presented for the second-time a non-seasonal collection. Having watched all pictures of the runway from Copenhagen to Paris, I realized that many designers were playing with clothes from various seasons, while still accepting the Fall-Winter term. Considering our clothes as non-seasonal can empower ourself on managing our wardrobe, that has in fact more potential

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