I think therefore I buy is the sustainable fashion blog of @mad.leineblog. You might know me from Instagram, Facebook or Youtube. I have created this desktop blog to bring you more highlights on my holistic approach to sustainability and my vision of fashion in society.

I also write about sustainable designers I have collaborated with. A little investigation that will bring you towards a sustainable world and where to shop their creations. 

If you come to visit Barcelona or if you live here, Have a look at Barcelona Etica Guide and Maps that I specially created for you.

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Smoking or No Smoking?

That is the little Xmas tale I have prepared for you to enjoy the Holidays time! Once upon the time, the poison... Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and to like the video if you have enjoyed it, it will help people to find it as well :) Merry Xmas to all of you

Maison Cléo #fuckfastfashion - ReCycle, ep1

As promised, here is a different fashion Vlog made during my 30 minutes daily cycling routine on my home old bike. Let's try to link differently sport and fashion and give a chance to change topics during sports class, to think about how we have changed our fashion consumerism habits. Maison Cléo #fuckfastfashion Synopsis: What could link ISABEL MARANT, MaisonCléo and #fastfashion? The Black Friday has become a special time for debates on social networks. This is my first Vlog episode, made with thoughts, discovers, researches and bits of knowledge on various fields, but most importantly, with video documents. Hope you will enjoy it and if so, don't forget to put a 👍 in order to help more p

YouTube Channel

With this title, I believe I couldn't make it clearer! After writing, podcasting (don't worry I will still carry on), I am starting a Vlog on YouTube. Same line than here but in a different format. I am so excited to have a new way to share with you documents. Sound and image to discuss on Sustainability, Fashion and Society. Feel free to suscribe on my Youtube Channel to receive notifications on new episodes! Then let's ride...

Pattern recognition and laziness

Who has never been lazy may cast the first stone. When we become lazy, we normally use some excuses to reschedule what we have to do. "Let's just watch the TV or the news of social media for 5 min then I'll start to do this task that doesn't attract me at all." We put pleasure and quick satisfaction first, to avoid the effort. An effort or a concentration? If I only answer effort, I will sound like a priest or my mother, who by the way had an interesting relationship with the concentration... Plaid Valentino men blazer worn oversized with plaid cut top Maison Margiela and Louvreuse pyramid Cléo bag. I remember finding a lot of papers around the kitchen, the phone place - and later the comput

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