I think therefore I buy is the sustainable fashion blog of @mad.leineblog. You might know me from Instagram, Facebook or Youtube. I have created this desktop blog to bring you more highlights on my holistic approach to sustainability and my vision of fashion in society.

I also write about sustainable designers I have collaborated with. A little investigation that will bring you towards a sustainable world and where to shop their creations. 

If you come to visit Barcelona or if you live here, Have a look at Barcelona Etica Guide and Maps that I specially created for you.

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Circular Fashion #2

I would like to share with you some interviews made by Vestiaire Collective to women about Circular Fashion. Do you know Vestiaire Collective? It's an international platform to sell second-hand clothes, shoes and accessories (also some home and art goods). If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may know it already. I am a regular buyer. As you know I have a concern about sustainable fashion, and so far my line has been to buy only clothes from second-hand and outlets. But I also select brands that have nice shapes and will be timeless. Material is becoming more important to me each day. Trying to buy silk rather than viscose, and Vestiaire Collective is a great platform to make this typ


A last minute post to present you a great tool. It has been launched during the Fashion Revolution Week by Brightly, and here is the video I made to show you how it works and what is it about ... If you are off to try this bot, here is the link https://bot.brightly.eco/?fbclid=IwAR24iwL0lgt78c3dzf2ccMJ_JaLx8nk-zCfT_1J3P_mExu8pcFFHh0ee93I You need to have Facebook and Messenger So far, Loft hasn't replied to me. I have also contacted Chloé and they did reply neither... Here is the message that they have received "Sent by Brightly (brightly.eco) on behalf of Maddie for Fashion Revolution Week (fashionrevolution.org) Hey Chloe, I've been your customer for a while now. I enjoy your clothes and y

Circular Fashion #1

After Easter break, this Tuesday is like a Monday. It has been the most difficult day since last week to get out of bed. What am I gonna wear? The very common question for so many people. You watch your wardrobe and you feel like "I have nothing to wear". Mistake! You do. But you are tired, so everything you watch is a too-many-options that brain can hardly process... A back-to-reality, and you suddenly get upset with your wardrobe. Can't be bothered to make myself pretty! You know what, I want to go back to bed. Ok, let's go to the bathroom first. After a shower and a face routine, I feel a little fresher in my mind. I wish my wardrobe would be the same. Would be different. Okay, but will i

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