Barcelona etica

After the pandemic COVID-19, I decided to create an ethical guide of Barcelona for everyone who is living here, as well as for travellers or tourists who are looking to understand better the city and its inhabitants.

Many designers, artisan, and retailers in Barcelona are compromising themselves with the future of our planet. It is important to support their work for the good of all of us.

Since the Olympics games of 1992, Barcelona has benefited from international exposure. But this event has also created a lot of problems who are impacting the city in a negative way: gentrification that would displace more vulnerable population and increase economical issues provoking ecological impact on Barcelona.  

Intensive tourism has pushed people living in the city to no longer use some parts of it. The worse impacts that intensive tourism economy has for the planet are global pollution, acoustic pollution and the disappearance of the local economy and its diversity. Let me clear those points:

Cheap souvenirs shops are selling goods that are not respecting the planet nor human working rights.

Intensive tourism generates an increase in plastic use.

With the increase of the rent with illegal tourist flat, shops rent has also been affected and it becomes each time more difficult for a local designer or artisan to sustain its unique shop.

During the lockdown, Barcelona pollution levels were decreasing as seen in many bigger cities or touristic one. Many species have shown up again thanks to the disappearance of the intensive tourism that was affecting the noise in the city.

Tourism is a good activity as long as it becomes a positive experience for both humans and the planet and doesn't cross this line. This is why I believe this guide of non-essential items could be also very important for whoever is coming to visit Barcelona, as it will help those people committed to make the planet great again to survive in the time of post-pandemic.

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